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Alice Baker MA ED ~

Master Reiki Practitioner, Aromatherapist

Learn more about me or please say hello! I'm on Instagram @ lovealeka and Facebook @ Ajna-om Holistic Health

I am a mother of three, an educator, and a Holistic Health practitioner living in Marin county California. I have dedicated my practice to Women and the Wisdom we share to heal. Using a compassionate non-judgemental approach I offer gentle individualized Reiki treatments.

I bring to ajna-om decades of intuitive experience using healing energy. This practice is balanced with intensive scientific research on intention and traditions of wisdom, a love and dedication to our inner journey, and an appreciation for achieving glowing healthy skin; all offered in a tranquil sanctuary.

When I am not giving Reiki you can find me hanging out with my kids and dog Fozzy, hiking in the hills of Marin, dreaming about a little island in Maine, passionatly exploring raw and plant based foods and exploring ways to increase health and vibrancy.

In 2003 I earned a Masters Degree in Education. My emphasis was gender inequality and violence in education. As a teacher I knew the value of creating a program that could support the social and emotional needs of students. I integrated my own meditation and contemplation practice into my studies and researched the relationships between Meditation and behavior,cognition and achievement of students. Because of the direct and positive relationship between Meditation and well being I continue to practice and teach students of all ages Mindfulness and Meditation techniques to know, balance and heal oneself. I bring gentle easy techniques into Reiki sessions and these techniques help my clients to continue to receive healing when their sessions are complete.

In 2005 I enrolled at the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy. I use my own pure organic herbal oils on the face during Reiki sessions, and my custom skin care line Alice Herbals Organics is also available for purchase. When ever possible I use organic herbs from my own garden. (The use of Essential Oils and the facial component of Reiki sessions are always elective.)

In 2006 I trained with Tyra Mead, in direct lineage to Grandmaster Fu Wei Chong, and earned a first degree certification in Ermei Chi-Gong. This practice gave me a deeper understanding of moving meditation and how the organs in our bodies respond to sound, color, and the elements.

In 2006 I studied with Alberto Villoldo from "Healing the Light Body School" at Shambala Mountain on the Shamanistic traditions of Healing. I have found many wonderful parallels between North American Shamanism ( a very yin tradition) and Japanese Reiki. I bring intuitive insights on the soul journey, overcoming fear, shedding the past, and removing cellular imprints of experience into my sessions.

In 2008 I became a Master Reiki Practitioner in the Usui tradition under the wise and experienced guidance of my teacher, Joy Metcalf. This training helped me to sythesis my knowledge of various energy medicine techniques, and further refined my lifelong journey of using energy to balance and heal.

In 2011 I launched Alice Herbals Organics skin care line

Currently I continue to explore holistic health everyday and ways I can be a better practicioner and person through; diet, excercise, meditation and finding joy and purpose in the present moment.