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reiki explained

Reiki is one technique that can be used in a variety of ways. Generally the method involves the practitioner placing her/his hands in specific positions slightly above or lightly upon the physical body. Universal life energy is then transmitted to the body's organs and glands and subtle energy system. Like all energy healing therapies, it can also be done from a distance.

Reiki promotes overall health and wellbeing and supports the innate healing ability of the body. It is beneficial for a wide variety of health conditions, either acute or chronic. Some of the ways it used is for pain and stress reduction, relaxation, anxiety, side effects due to cancer treatments and for people in transitions.


preparing for your treatment

I created an immaculate 'zen spa inspired' studio to pamper my clients. The studio has warm yellow walls, organic linens, and is lit by candlelight.

You should arrive dressed in comfortable clothes.Your body will be covered with linens at all times during a session.

Clients are welcomed to their appointment with a tall glass of lemon water. Proper hydration is integral to cleansing and flushing stagnant energy through our bodies.

Before and After your session you will be encouraged to drink a LOT of water!

I also encourage clients to create an " Intention" for your session. This is a clear statement on what you desire to receive from your session. As with all areas of our life, our intention is a powerful indicator of the quality of results we will receive.


what is a session like?

Each session will be unique depending on a clients needs. I am commited to providing Mindfull and Individualized treatments; whether you are visiting once or plan on a series of treatments.

My sessions generally begin with the head and face first, because of the tension that we hold there. Using the highest quality organic essential oils and my own skin care line of herbal cleansers, masks, and serums, you will be treated to a luxurious mini facial while simutaniously receiving the balancing energy of Reiki.

The result is not only soft glowing clean skin, you will feel tension release, and metobolic rates will slow down as the body is being prepared for the rest of your treatment. In chinese medicine it is believed that energy enters the body from the feet and leaves the body through the head. After the head is relaxed I use gentle massage and reflexology techniques on the feet and then intuitvly use gentle touch on both the front and back side of the body.

Reiki is a deep relaxation treatment. Clients often report they feel like they have had a long meditation practice or restful sleep following a session. Post session it is typical to have deeper sleep, increased energy and mental clarity often resulting in releasing unwanted habits, behaviors or thought patterns. 

I always meet with clients after sessions to offer guidance and feedback and connection to bring the session results into the present moment.