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client testimonials

"Although somewhat skeptical at first, my doubts vanished after only one Reiki session with Alice. Alice’s studio is welcoming and I relaxed as soon I slipped under the warm blankets on her table. Her soothing voice guided me through the session as she explained her process, which I really appreciated since it was my first time and I didn’t know what to expect. Alice’s positive energy only adds to the obvious effort she puts forth to make her studio a comfortable and safe place. When I left my session I noticed a true difference in my being, feeling more refreshed and confident than before. Alice obliged my request for a Reiki session via telephone recently, and the very next day I had a clearer focus and no longer felt out of sync with the universe.  Alice exudes compassion, and combined with her formal education on the benefits of alternative healing, her abilities as a Reiki master are natural."

- Jessica R., Poet, Author 'Little Scraps of Paper'


"It was like Alice pushed the reset button on my life, it changed my whole perspective and I felt totally at peace like I was walking on air. I also felt incredibly nurtured and loved." 

- Sharon K., Aboriculturist


"Reiki is a gentle yet intensely profound bodywork, and my recent session with Alice's healing hands gave me the inner strength to push headfirst into some difficulties that I was having a hard time negotiating. I came out of my Reiki experience with a clearer head and heart." 

- Carolyn M., Writer/Music Reviewer


"MAHALO!!! Alice made me feel like a goddess!!It was so healing to be nurtured in her arms, cradled by her warm loving hands. My skin was rejuvenated by her magic potions, my soul healed by her touch and my heart warmed by her smile...thank you. I look forward to seeing her soon again! ALOHA!" 

- Alia S., Environmental Educator/ Activist

"I left Alice's little oasis feeling relaxed, transformed, and with a positive outlook for the rest of the day. She is a real talent!" 

- Kristen S., Artist/ Jewelry designer, Buck Naked Creations


"My time with Alice was such a gift. She welcomed me into her lovely space and treated me with a light touch and a wonderful facial. I cant say enough about her healing touch and presence. I left feeling warmed, renewed and relaxed. I highly recommend her. Book an appointment today- you will be so glad you did!" 

- Eileen, Psychotherapist