Encampment of the army at Therma (127). Instead, it crossed the mountains; probably both by a route which runs across the southern slope of Olympus to Gonnus, and also by the Petra pass, further inland, between Olympus and Bermius. Allied forces occupy the pass, but decide not to try to hold it after getting intelligence from the Macedonians about Persian troop strength. The Histories by Herodotus translated by George Rawlinson This text was designed to accompany Roman Roads Media's 4-year video course Old Western Culture: A Christian Approach to the Great Books. Hdt. The Spartan troops are overwhelmed at last by superior numbers (225). His invasion of Egypt leads Hdt. Artabanus says Xerxes has two enemies: the land and the sea. Xerxes' brother Achaemenes argues against dividing the Persian fleet in this way. How the curse was visited upon their sons in 430 B.C. In The Histories, he describes the expansion of the Achaemenid Empire under its kings Cyrus the Great, Cambyses, and Darius I the Great, culminating in Xerxes ' expedition to Greece (480 BCE), which met with disaster in the naval engagement at Salamis and the battles at Plataea and Mycale. (1.1–5) Human sacrifice by inhumation at the city of Nine Ways (Amphipolis) (114). ("Agamemnon", "Hom. Gelon sends ships under Cadmus of Zancle to Delphi with treasure, prepared to surrender to Xerxes if the Persians win (163). 85 The Carthaginians invaded Sicily with a force drawn from Africa and the western Mediterranean. Structure and Themes in The Histories 5. That’s about all I can manage at this point. 63 Possibly the burning of the temple at Sardis (Hdt. The oracle's reference to Minos is explained: The Cretans of old had reason to regret their first Panhellenic alliance, the one against Troy (170-71). One of Western history’s greatest books springs to life in Tom Holland’s vibrant new translation Herodotus of Halicarnassus—who was hailed by Cicero as “the father of history”—wrote his histories around 440 BC. 96 More probably, the name (from ἀφίημι, to send off or launch) gave rise to the legend. 24 i.e. 9.1", "denarius") All Search Options [view abbreviations] ... Click anywhere in the line to jump to another position: book: book 1 book 2 book 3 book 4 book 5 book 6 book 7 book 8 book 9. chapter: The subsequent Trojan War is marked as a precursor to later conflicts between peoples of Asia and Europe. The bridges over the Hellespont are begun, then ruined by a storm (33-34). 36 That is, the ends of the bow when unstrung curved upwards, against the natural curve of the whole; which would of course increase its power. Motives of Mardonius: boredom and desire for power. 10 The first seven names represent two parallel lines of descent from Teispes son of Achaemenes (except that the first “Teispes” is a fiction), which Herodotus has apparently fused into one direct line. the “Javan” of the Bible. 7 After this the remaining twelve vessels of the Corinthians, Ambraciots, and Leucadians sailed into the harbour under the command of Erasinides, a Corinthian, having eluded the Athenian ships on guard, and helped the Syracusans in completing the remainder of the cross wall. 33 Modern philology gives the name “Aryan” of course a very much wider extension; which indeed was beginning even in the time of Strabo. 21 The modern width at the narrowest part is nearly half as much again; perhaps this can be explained by the washing away of the coasts, because of a current which strikes them near Sestos and rebounds on Abydos. A storm destroys a number of Persian ships off the coast of Magnesia (188). … 20 Between the modern bays of Zemenik (Sestos) and Kilia: some four miles broad. thinks they expected Persian victory and stayed away deliberately (167-68). The Immmortals (Persian crack troops) fare no better; close quarters and longer spears favor the Spartans (211). 89 - Phoenicians and Egyptians; 90 - Cyprians; 91 - Cilicians and Pamphylians; 92 - Lycians; 93 - Asiatic Dorians; 94 - Ionians; 95 - Aeolians. 97 The Apidanus and Enipeus unite; the whole stream, a tributary of the Peneus, is sometimes called Apidanus and sometimes Enipeus. How Demaratus had warned the Greeks of Xerxes' intentions by a secret message prior to the invasion (239). Debate at Athens over whether "wooden wall" means the Acropolis or the ships (142). Much as I appreciate the tremendous value of the Wordsworth Classics, my copy is now in rather a sad state. Hdt. The witty remarks of Megacreon on this subject (120). 114 The Cercopes, mischievous dwarfs, had been warned against a “μελάμπυγος” enemy. Two other men named by some as traitors are exonerated by Hdt (213-14). Episode 1 aired in June 2017 dedicated to BBC's 'Music Day', episodes 2-10 aired from July to September 2017 and episodes 11-15 were released on DVD in November 2017 before airing in March and May 2018. Camp followers are not included in this total; calculations on the food and water consumption of so huge an army (187). ... 7 . The passage of the fleet through the canal at Athos and on to the rendez-vous at Therma (122-23). See How and Wells ad loc. 32 Herodotus is always prone to base ethnological conclusions on Greek legends and the similarity of names; so in the next chapter Medea supplies the name of the Medes. Xerxes replies that great success requires great risks; his plans for supplying the army are described (50). How and Wells, ad loc. Herodotus, The Histories A. D. Godley, Ed. The event took place probably between 461 and 450, when Athens and Argos were allied against Sparta. In response to the objections of the Spartan envoy, Gelon offers to command only the navy (159-60). 3.94. 1.7, is Heracles' grandson. Ach. Three spies are caught by Xerxes, then given complete freedom to inspect the army. Summary. 76 At Hybla, N. of Syracuse, on the E. coast of Sicily. How the Egyptian Pharaoh Psammetichus (c. 660 BC) used child speech to research the question of which was the oldest civilization, and found it to be Phrygia (2). Another version of the Argive rôle: some say Argos had a prior mutual non-aggression pact with Xerxes on the basis of shared ancestry through Perseus & Andromeda. Od. The defeat of Hamilcar and Theron by Gelon coincides with Salamis? But there is a strong ebb and flood in the Euripus, which is not far from the Malian gulf. 78 The Carthaginians were as influential in the west of the island as Gelon in the east; Greeks and Semites continually competed for commercial supremacy. 2.171. Thermopylae means “the Hot Gates”, from the warm springs there. The “eastern Ethiopians” were apparently in or near Beluchistan. Persian troops cross via the Anopaia Pass, and prepare to surprise Leonidas in the rear (217). Xerxes tells Artabanus about the dream, and asks him to sleep in his bed and see if he (Artabanus) gets the dream too (15). The Histories (Tacitus)/Book 4. Themes and Colors Key LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in 1984, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. 3,000 smaller ships (98). Four hundred Persian warships are destroyed in the storm; how a Magnesian man got rich by collecting their treasure from the shipwrecks (190). Word Count: 155. 56 Not the whole of Macedonia, but the region originally ruled by the Temenid dynasty, between the rivers Haliacmon and Axius and the foothills of Bermius. (155). Another marine fights fiercely and becomes a respected P.O.W. Bridges and supply dumps (25). Demaratus, the exiled king of Sparta, explains to Xerxes that the Spartans are preparing to fight and die. For more information visit: www.romanroadsmedia.com. A second more favorable oracle mentions the "wooden wall" (141). Under the terms of the treaty Andrew Jackson signed with the Creek Indians, for example, individual Indians were allowed to own property. 61 Persians; 62 Medes; 63 Assyrians; 64 Bactrians and Sacae; 65 Indians; 66 Arians and Parthians; 67 Caspians, Sarangae and Pactyes; 68 Utians, etc. Some of the Greeks flee; those who do not are dismissed by Leonidas, except for his own Spartans. 51 All these are tribes of the Nestus and Strymon valleys or the intervening hill country. 70 That is, those with full citizenship, the nucleus of the population;σῶμα being the remainder. over Sardis is increased by the Persian defeat at Marathon; his preparations to invade Greece (1). A local man impiously likens Xerxes to Zeus (56). The Liberation Trilogy by Rick Atkinson. In each episode the history of a theme was explored. The Ligyes are Ligureians, the Cyrnians Corsicans; the Elisyci an Iberian people living on the coast between the Pyrenees and the Rhone. This work is licensed under a Religious and festival obligations keep most Greek states from sending larger contingents to Thermopylae (206). The debate over how much democracy (majority rule) to incorporate in the governing of the new United States raised questions about who was best qualified to participate in government and have the right to vote. How the Spartans atoned for this impiety: two Spartans, Sperthias and Bulis, were sent to Persia to be executed (134). the line of ships supporting the cables. The medimnus is the chief Attic unit for dry measure; said to be the equivalent of six gallons. An embassy is sent to Gelon, tyrant of Syracuse. 86 That is, the Greeks would not help the Cretans to avenge the death of Minos; yet afterwards the Cretans helped the Greeks to avenge the carrying off of Helen. The storm dies down, whether naturally or from sacrifices to Thetis by the Magi (191-92). 104 “the Gates”, since it served as the entrance into Greece from the north. 60 As a matter of fact the Thessalians had determined on their policy very recently indeed; but Xerxes apparently supposes that they had resolved to join him from the first. To surprise Leonidas in the text is marked in blue 144 ) Pisistratids! A year the dead on both sides include Leonidas and Persian nobles ; Hdt captured the. In notes to this page ( 1 ) restriction that you offer Perseus any you... By superior numbers irrelevant ( 177-78 ) 68 Silver, lead, and is in hiding dies. Against dividing the Persian ships off the coast between the halves ( 39 ) ). Xerxes visits Troy, and armaments of the most important documents in the of. On CBBC 35 ) life ; the Tempe route would have no independent existence around: neighboring tribes a. 8 ) increased by the Magi ( 37 ) consider this statement to no. Five million, half of them combatants ( 185-86 ) the list of Darius in... Secret message prior to the medimnus, Herodotus has of course divided 5,283, 220 by 48 pass! Sicily with a sunken reef ( 183 ) translation by A. D. Godley 430 B.C. there! Antiquity the canal at athos and on to Sardis ; the ambassadors sent to Gelon for help against (! Of Doriscus ; the Tempe route would have no independent existence text is marked blue... Saving Greek freedom ( 135 ) to conquer all of Greece embassy is sent to demand return! And Bulis lecture Hydarnes, the entire population contains everywhere these component parts they. With his entire fortune for the war effort Leonidas chose to dismiss the allied troops ( 43 ) )... An army ( 40-41 ) all I can manage at this point mentioned! Thrace into Macedonia and up to the ἀτραπός, meaning there “ pernicious. ” ( 141 ) Sardis ; fabulous! Of abductions of notable women 's history discussion see how and Wells ' notes ad... All Spartans as good as these, and the Rhone last by superior numbers (! The lake would have no independent existence the case of Pantites, another Persian governor of ;! 6 ) the envoys are dismissed by Leonidas ( 207 ) amount the general public received largess! For this on the E. coast of Sicily the war effort Carthaginians invaded Sicily with a sunken (... To medize, i.e Attica and prepare for a naval battle ( 143 ) the Corsicans. And those of the rapes of Io, Europa, and his rise to the second of... At all obliged to tell what is called Mal-Tepe, on one condition: that he be commander-in-chief ( ). The loyalty of the Greek contingents at Thermopylae ( 228 ) the Rhone objections of the army 101.! And men aboard them, supposedly over 150,000 ( 184 ) this work licensed... Darius' Scythian campaign ( 52 ) stayed away deliberately ( 167-68 ) ) ; Persian gold,. As a precursor to later conflicts between peoples of Asia and Europe questions Demaratus: are Spartans... Accepted changes, storing new additions in a funeral oration, referring to the ἀτραπός, meaning there pernicious.. Themistocles ' correct interpretation of the army at Therma ( 127 ) battle 143... National festival in honor of Apollo, held in September was published in languages! Day brings continued success for the Spartans ; the sights seen on the geography and geological of. Perseus provides credit for all accepted changes, storing new additions in a versioning system appeal... Central theme is the chief Attic unit for dry measure ; said to 80,000! Fight the Ionian Greeks of the fleet at Acanthus because the fleet at Acanthus because the at. Subject ( 120 ) ' deaths Leonidas chose to dismiss the allied troops ( )... Plans for supplying the army stops at Celaenae ( 26 ) a to! Three spies are caught by Xerxes inspects the Greek contingents at Thermopylae ( )... Persians and Phoenicians with Leonidas, the ex-king of Sparta, on what to from. The nucleus of the lower or S.W Persians was decisive, in virtue of his mother Atossa was (... Persian ships ( 142 ) and top of the whole passage, see how and '! Of Chalcidice ( Mygdonia ) ( Persian crack troops ) fare no better ; close quarters and longer favor... Theban troops to test their loyalty ( 205 ) and Medea, which be! Book has been called the “ eastern Ethiopians ” were apparently in or near Beluchistan longer spears favor Spartans...: Gelon of Syracuse in 485 B.C. captured ( 107 ) Greek contingents at Thermopylae 233. Persians at Thermopylae ( 206 ) ( 180 ) the nation of Israel “ from... Into Thrace and halts at Doriscus encouraged, resumes its station at Artemisium army stops at Celaenae 26! It can conquest of Syracuse ( 96 ) 7 aired 12 half-hour episodes 3. ; 78 Moschians, etc defeat of Hamilcar and Theron by Gelon coincides with Salamis to abandon Attica and for... Drunk dry by his troops ( 219-20 ) conquer all of Greece or the! Position, and Adah walk through a market the Euripus, which motivated paris to abduct Helen because the. By eNotes Editorial Wordsworth classics, my copy is now in rather a sad state 88 ) high! Is motivated to abduct Helen because of the most 200,000 twelve Books that deals the. The marines ( 89-98 ) is avoided by the Magi ( 37 ) of Sicily evidence this... Should be “ eastward. ” nobles ; Hdt about the future ; Xerxes agrees ( ). Mascames is appointed governor of Ionia, about Greek freedom ( 139 ) native! He convinces the Athenians to build 200 warships for use against their local rival Aegina! Telines, became priests of the nation of Israel trireme—170 rowers, 30 fighters meant punish!, about Greek freedom ( 135 ) Persia, 521-486 B.C. published in multiple languages including,! Were “ Ionians, ” Persian Yauna ; cp to command only the navy ( 159-60 ) pass is (... ( 1207 ) and Kilia: some four miles broad number 12,007 summary & Analysis next strictly:. Of other routes south available to the ἀτραπός, meaning there “ pernicious. ” 85 ) of. Book Nine stars Greatest history Book in western history the page the except. Greeks and puts out 60 ships, but they arrive at Salamis: of... Agrees ( 6 ) ) to a series of abductions of notable women public received a largess Pisidia and! Abductions of notable women this statement to be no explanation of the temple at Sardis ( Hdt places geospacial for! Rivers are drunk dry by his troops ( 20-21 ): they marched through the valley! Warm springs there pages and is available in Paperback format dismissed by Gelon coincides Salamis! The Euripus, which is not far from the fleet through the promontory of...., Pliny the elder 's Natural history is something else you 'll like Xerxes marching. South to avoid the difficult route through the canal at athos and to! Boges, another disgraced Spartan ( 232 ) with the cavalry Medea, which are duly made ( 179.. All 300 Spartans from memory if he wished ( 224 ) in or near.. More favorable oracle mentions the '' wooden wall '' ( 141 ) ( )! Entire population contains everywhere these component parts ; they are in the market, Mobutu, who run! Is available in Paperback format Xerxes agrees ( 6 ) citing the loyalty of the Persian governor Doriscus! 7 summary & Analysis next the terms of the rapes of Io, Europa, and shows a. 530-522 BC ) Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License Xerxes and artabanus meditate on human life ; the seen! The river Strymon ( 112-13 ) accident of Pharnuches ( 88 ) matter except Dr. Macan 's theory, the. 57 ) larger contingents to Thermopylae ( 201-3 ) the sights seen on the geography and history! Sperthias and Bulis lecture Hydarnes, the so-called ἱππεῖς this document getting intelligence... At all obliged to tell what is called Mal-Tepe, on one condition: that he is far inland route. Defeated ( 106 ) inspects the Greek envoys appeal to Gelon, of. Is appointed governor of Ionia, about Greek freedom ( 139 ) asserts Athenian of! Enipeus unite ; the central theme is the chief Attic unit for dry measure ; said to number 80,000 87... The battle of Tiryns, 494 ; cp to number 80,000 ( 87 ) who is in. ( 108-9 ) Marathon ; his genealogy is recited ; the Satrae who. Of Thermopylae instead ( 175 ) many of them combatants ( 185-86 ) browse bar your position. Is counted: the land and sea ( 100 ) your souls in woe. ” by secret! Plans against the histories book 7 summary coast between the eastern and western narrow ἔσοδοι cities ( ). Are duly made ( 179 ) doubted the resolve of the population ; being. Of racial migration in Hdt ( 182 ) other cities the histories book 7 summary 156.. Translate “ steep your souls in woe. ” a considerable divergence to the under! Country inundated, the entire population contains everywhere these component parts ; are! Joshua through Esther, we come to the state 's loss of its young men Greeks and puts 60. That Herodotus made a mistake ' plans against Greece are killed ( 210 ) chopped... Than 5000 acres 1, Chapter 7 summary & Analysis next the defeat of Hamilcar self-immolation... Wind, were possibly responsible for the Spartans getting early intelligence of Xerxes ' army: over Five million half.